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Get your trade submissions in before the last day of the month Deadline!

May 2023 Incentive

One lucky trader will receive this certified Jim Palmer autograph card!

Welcome To Shuffle Trades!

The idea is simple. You send in an autographed trading card WITH a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope and we will send you back another user’s submission. However we do have some rules.

  1. You MUST include a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) with a Forever First-Class Stamp.
  2. Ship your card WITHOUT a hard protector. The only semi-rigid protector allowed is a “Card Saver” which can be seen below.
  3. Card must be signed WITHOUT a personalization. Nobody wants a card inscribed “To Carl” except for Carl himself. HOF or Award inscriptions are allowed.
  4. Only 1 card submission is allowed per household. Submitting multiple cards in a single month is currently not allowed.
  5. Certified, TTM (Through the Mail), and In-Person autographs are all accepted, however know the risk in sending any higher dollar card. Trades will be completely random, so sending a higher dollar card DOES NOT insure that a higher dollar card will be received. You may receive a card from an entirely different sport or even a non-sport. The shuffle is totally random and is completed before any envelope is even opened.
  6. The autographed card that is submitted MUST be produced by a major manufacturer. We encourage quirky hobby cards in any sport or set, BUT sending a privately made trading card as the MAIN submission is not allowed. However, feel free to send any custom card as an extra! We encourage personal notes, custom cards, or business advertisements to be sent as an extra with your submission. Any vulgar material will be discarded.
  7. Have Fun! As stated previously, we love it when users to get creative with their extra custom cards and friendly notes. Feel free to share your experience on Youtube and Instagram. Use the hashtag #shuffletrades and we might feature your video on our website!

*Please Note* We reserve the right to ship back any cards that break the rules listed above.

Shuffle Trades will be made at the end of every month. If your submission does not arrive in time, it will be pushed to the next month’s submissions.

Submit your autographed trading card along with a SASE
(Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) to:

Shuffle Trades
PO Box 187
Ridgway, IL 62979